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  Hi, I'm Ela, The founder, Exclusive Matchmaker and Dating strategist at Posh Alliance LLC. I have a decade-old experience for helping singles navigate tricky dating situations. Matchmaking has always been a passion for me. I want to help as many people as possible, find fulfillment in the dating world by reintroducing the power of human interactions into modern-day society. I am so motivated by this vision that I left a career in real estate to pursue this reality. Being a matchmaker is all I know and love.

I am naturally gifted at understanding people; why they love and who they desire. The idea of spreading love defines me, and is made visible by my power to connect with people on a very intimate level. I believe the concepts of dating and love are what make life worth living. It is therefore my duty, as a special matchmaker, to ease the fear of people dating, falling in and out of love.

Why Hire Me you ask?

We all need a helper, especially when it comes to choosing romantic partners. Me personally, I love the very idea of love. Becoming a client at Posh Alliance eliminates the stress and despair that comes from online dating swiping and mediocre matchups. My job is to take care of the details, organizing matchmaking and dates while you focus on your inner qualities. I want to show you what it truly means to date and be loved. With my help, you never have to swipe through dating profiles or waste money looking for love on dating apps. Instead, I will work closely with you to create the perfect dating experience that you need to thrive.

That’s not all, I provide quality matches for clients, by utilizing a complex database for singles, both men and women. Depending on your interest and level of commitment, I may broaden your search of a partner. No need for concerns, this process is 100% confidential for clients and matches. You only meet up with matches after both parties have agreed consent.

As a matchmaker, I am fully at your service at every stage of the matching process. I hold consultation sessions that improve your first impression techniques; and follow up these recommendations with continued guidance through Posh Consulting services. With my team of experts, I help plan first date outings. Although I cannot promise a lifelong commitment with any provided matches, you can be rest assured I will provide the right tools and guidance to help you achieve your relationship desires.

I cannot wait for you to start your journey with us here at Posh Alliance. Dating should be fun; let us help you find the special one.

                    -XoXo Ela





Ela The Matchmaker



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What We Offer Our Clients



  • ExclusiveDating Strategy

  • Vetted Matches

  • 1-on-1  Experience w/Matchmaker 

  • Customized Dating & Consulting Plan of action


  • Image consultation 

  • Social Identity 

  • Personal Stylist**

  • Personal Shopper**


  • Exclusive events 

  • Exclusive vacations  


  • On the date tips

  • One-on-one calls

  • Mock Dates

  • Date evaluations & More

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Ela is awesome to work with! She is not only a match maker she’s a wonderful, relatable person as well. What I appreciate the most about the service Ela provides is she listens to her clients to understand what it is they’re truly looking for. Its not just about finding the perfect match, but also identifying and acknowledging what you need and deserve in a long-term happy relationship. Her guidance, coaching skills, and relationship knowledge are priceless. If you’re the type of person that just doesn’t have time to go on bad dates or just unwilling or unable to navigate the online dating scene, Posh Alliance is for you. They have a dedicated team that helps services their clients from A to Z and attract members that are attractive, active, and fun! Ideal for those ready for LOVE! Ela’s team is professional and driven to find their clients love. Ela is like you have a sixth sense! She says what I am feeling or thinking before I am even able to articulate it! Whether or not your male or female, I would highly recommend the Posh Alliance.

-Katie S.


It was six years since my last serious relationship. As a successful business owner and not a very social person, I find it difficult to make meaningful connections. I tried online dating but that has not worked for me. I relocated to Chicago about three months ago and a friend suggested Posh. I scheduled a meeting with Ela. She took the time to find out things about me, she coached me and through one of her great events and some very thoughtfully planned matching provided me a very natural environment to meet Samantha. Samantha is intelligent, witty, charming and beautiful and needles to say very quickly becoming my next best friend and companion in Love. Thanks Ela, you and Posh team are the best!

- Calvin W.

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