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Join our membership community Created to help Single women & men like you live your best life single, learn how to navigate the dating world with confidence & Laugh while you enjoy the curated events and single vacations.


Ready to take your 

experience to the next level?


The Single life can be really lonely & stressful ,It doesn't have to be. even if you........

Have a desire to be successful in dating without wasting time but you don't know where to start....

Struggle to make genuinely connections using the apps you already use...

Don't know how to meet new people & get out of your own way long enough to the full dating experience......

Find yourself being skeptical about letting people get to know the real you or you've lost sight of who you are.......

Desires a way to meet other singles who are serious about dating and enjoying the single life.........

You feel like time is ticking so you place blocks or unnecessary expectations on yourself & others or you've lost faith in dating all together .......

YOU want to enjoy being single and make memories to last a lifetime.......

This is the club is just for you.We teach you how to get over insecurities, break common dating stigmas, bring you around verified singles get you from behind your phone and out enjoying the single life instead of complaining about what's out here. 

Become a 


& Get Access to:


  • Exclusive events 

  • Exclusive vacations 

  • Membership Specific Perks*


  • Safe Space To Vent 

  • Matchmaking Opportunities*

  • Meet Other Singles

  • Share Experiences


  • Group Coaching Calls

  • Private Consulting Services*

  • Curated Activities 

  • Challenges

  • Exclusive Events With industry favorites 


OMG,Where do I start ? at first I thought I didn't need help dating so I would have NEVER signed up for this type of thing. a friend of mine told me about Ela and her advice so I reached out and its been the BEST. I look forward to the singles trip to Cancun in September.

I was so over the apps so I gave up on dating for awhile. I saw a post on IG and decided to give it a try. I'm excited to see what's in store.

Ela is amazing and she really know her stuff. I've only used her consulting services but Im excited for the singles mixer here in Houston.

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